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Gỏi cuốn
Delicate rice paper wrappers rolled with fresh Vietnamese herbs and reice vermicelli, served with hoisin sauce. Optionally with fresh shrimps and park belly, char siew or bio tofu
Phở cuốn
Fresh 'Pho' rolls steamed and filled with fresh crunchy salad and Vietnamese herbs, served with a peanut sauce. Optionally with black angus beef, char siew or bio tofu
Chả giò sữa hải sản
Crispy rolls of mixed crab meat, prawns and seasonal vegetables, marinated in milk, served with freshy passion fruit sauce.
Gà nướng satay
Juicy grilled chicken saté skewers in a lemongrass-curcuma marinade, served with a light peanut sauce and pickled salad.
Bò lá lốt
Fragrantly seasoned grilled rolls of beef coated in 'La Lot' leaves, served with fresh salad dipped by lime and oyster sauce.
Chả cá chiên
Fish paté mixed dragon beans, lime leaves, pepperoni, basil, served with sweet sour sauce
Đậu hủ trứng chiên giòn
Crispy fresh handmade milk-soybean, fried in shrimp salt with crispy salad. Served with chili-lime sauce.
Chả giò Sài Gòn
Saigon springroll, which is the crispy dumplings filled with prawns, pork, morels and red Onions, served with sweet lime sauce.
Chạo tôm
Grilled fish prawn paté with lemon grass and salad, served with freshy passion fruit sauce.
Nem nướng Nha Trang
Grilled minced pork sausage and crispy rice paper in Nha Trang city style, served with fresh salad and peanut sauce.
Gỏi đu đủ tôm khô
Green Papaya salad mixed with dried shrimps and Thai sauce
🍵 Suppen
TomYam Sup
Classic spicy and sour soup infused with lemongrrass, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, galangal and prawn.
Sup cua nấm tuyết
Eggflower soup with crab meat, silver tube mushrooms and vietnamese herbs.
Wonton Sup
A consomme' but richer in flavor filled mixed of prawns and minced chicken Wonton
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Main courses
Bún chả thịt nướng
Traditional Vietnamese cold rice-vermicelli noodle dish topped with grilled pork belly paired with pork sausage, springroll and served with fresh herbs like basil and mint, fresh salad and roasted peanuts.
Cơm tấm Saigon
Popular Saigonese dish made by juicy bbq pork chop, steamed baked egg, œuf plat, sour salad, cucumbers and fragrant rice.
Bánh hỏi heo quay
Crispy roasted pork belly and Vietnamese steamed woven rice vermicelli, served with fresh salad and sweet lime sauce
Bánh cuốn Hà nội
Ha Noi homemade fresh steamed rice rolls served with scallion oil, fried shallots, Vietnamese sausage , cucumbers and chopped greens.
Bánh xèo
Vietnamese Sizzling pancake cooked with shrimps, pork, green bean, bean sprouts and onion in high temperature
Chả cá Lã Vọng
Grilled fish and marinated with turmeric, tossed with sautéed scallions and dills, and served with vermicelli noodles, roasted peanuts and Vietnamese dipping sauce
Cơm rang thập cẩm
Fried rice mixed with schrimps, pork, Vietnamese sausage, egg and fresh vegetables
Hủ tiếu xào cay
Spicy stir fried noodle. Optionally with bio tofu, chicken, black angus beef (+ €1), sea food (+ €2)
Cari massaman gà
Juicy grilled corn chicken legs in a delicious massaman-curry-coconut-sauce. Served with orange salad and jasmine rice.
Pad Thái (gà/tôm/tofu)
Stir - fried rice noodles with prawns, corn chicken, organic tofu with vegetables in an egg coat.
Cá hồi nướng sốt ngọt
Grilled salmon fillet in a sweet ginger-chilli-sauce with a freshly mango salad, served with jasmine rice.
Bò nướng saté
Black Angus beef grilled on hard coal in a peanut-coconut sauce, served with jasmine rice and fresh salad.
Vịt nướng Lá chanh
Hard coal grilled Bavarie Duck breast fillet in lemon leaf with butter and lime sauce, served with jasmine rice and salad.
Miến Ngon
Light glass noodle salad with a lime-ginger sauce and roasted peanuts. Optionally with bio tofu, chicken breast fillet, shrimps (+ €1), black angus beef (+ €1)
Phở Việt Nam
Traditional Vietnamese PHO soup and noodle cooked by many Vietnamese herbs. Optionally with bio tofu, chicken breast filet, black angus beef (1+)

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